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Beacon sensor seismic mesh netwerk using smartphones | patent pending!

My patent was filed on August 12, 2014 regarding a "measurement device, system and method for distribution of measurement data." 

Briefly, the patent application relates to the following.

"Sensors for instance measure seismic activity (options are acceleration, gravitation, ultraviolet, temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, etc.) contain a beacon. The beacon transmits a presence signal  via BLE. Once this presence signal is picked up by a passing communication device (smartphone, tablet, etc.) the app will read the sensor. The communication device  has a number of options what to do with the data.:

  1. Alarming directly.
  2. forwarding via data connection (WiFi / 4G) to a central server.
  3. central server alerts specific group of users.
  4. with no data connection available due to earthquake, hurricane, tsunami forward to next communication device through mesh or ad hoc until a connection to the Internet and the central server is created and alert a specific group of users.



The advantages of this system are that it's easy to place  millions of sensors in houses, apartments, rooms, roads, railway stations, airports . These sensors can already be available as part of an existing Beacon application or placed as a new BLE iBeacon application and cost between € 50- € 100 per piece and go a> = 1 year on a battery. Or simply as extra Beacon for a home automation system. This creates a very accurate global fine-meshed network of sensors which is less vulnerable a wired network.

Users in Groningen, San Francisco, Italy, Turkey, India, Indonesia would cooperate here unnoticed. Alarms would go from smartphone to smartphone in real time. In addition, the current government systems do not alert the entire world, while everywhere where the app is used alarming is active and in realtime.

GSM coverage is everywhere. How many people would have been saved as on December 26, 2004 all smartphone owners in Indonesia had registered the quake and had alarmed each other to go to higher grounds?


Passing a beacon with a smartphone or tablet in your bag is enough. The signal is recognized and the sensor data is read by for instance by an app from WeatherPro® eg, Apple's Healtkit®, Google Maps®, and sent to a server. 

There, it can be used again for other applications.

For the first time it is possible in this way to measure for each and everyone in real situation and use this data during training, research or possibly alarming, to any place on earth you're in (more or less). And all of this independent of any Government or other institutions that often cause delays. 

The applications are endless:

  1. Realtime for tremor and earthquake detection and alarm
  2. Tsunami detection and alarm
  3.  Meter accuracy recording of temperature, humidity, air pressure collected by anyone with a smartphone, tablet, etc.
  4. Registration of the above-mentioned values are also available on floor 10, 100, 200, or 500 of a skyscraper
  5. Training results in apps direct air temperature, humidity.
  6. NASA publication April 10, 2015 Researchers Test Smartphones of Earthquake Warning: 
    This publication is tested with smartphones, which are inaccurate, according to research. Extension with the low cost sensors makes the accuracy, sensitivity and measurement network for each broadcasters many times greater.


A real IoT for everyone by everyone! 




First Festival App in the Netherlands to utilize iBeacon Technology for iOS & Android

festival 2014 incl line-up.jpeg

July 19th’s Pathfinder Festival marked the first festival in the Netherlands to use iBeacons in conjunction with a streamlined mobile app in order to interact with festival-goers in compelling new ways.  With the help of the Apsima team, BalefireHQ’s Bastiaan Schenk and the Pathfinder Crew, we were able to come up with a vibrant mobile solution that included targeted push notification alerts sent to visitors based on their physical location within festival grounds. 

By placing beacons in strategic locations throughout the festival, festival-goers with the Pathfinder app installed and Bluetooth enabled were able to benefit from highly relevant messages designed to enhance their experience overall.  For instance, those who found themselves in close proximity to a beacon located at the Panini stand received a rich push notification pop-up informing them when a new round of freshly prepared paninis were hot and ready for purchase.  Others walking nearby the Main Stage received alerts when favorite acts like Dj Cari Lekebusch were about to perform.  These are just a few examples of the highly relevant messages received by visitors through the convenience of their mobile devices.  Overall, the app proved a great success.  Below we offer a glimpse into the Pathfinder festival app engagement achieved through the use of proximity based iBeacon technology.  

Apsima Dashboard: Above you can see how many messages were sent, received, read, and how long devices were in range of a beacon belonging to one of our beacon groups.  These analytics offer rich insight in order to improve future festival strategies.

About BalefireHQ: BalefireHQ offers businesses, from busy retailers in downtown shopping districts to single ice cream vendor walking down the street, the opportunity to drive customer engagement by integrating their mobile development with BalefireHQ’s proximity based iBeacon platform services.  Once an app has integrated with our services, businesses are able to capture the attention of their patrons like never before through location based interaction.  To learn more about what BalefireHQ can do for you, email us at or call mob 06-20207074 for more details.  We would love to grab coffee and exchange ideas!